May 5th 2021

Kering Eyewear combines style and technology in the new Blue & Beyond project

Kering Eyewear expands its product range with the launch of the new Blue & Beyond project including a curated assortment of blue light and photochromic UV protection glasses.

Introduced for the first time in the luxury eyewear industry, the Blue & Beyond project consists in the combination of high-end iconic frames with qualitative dual-innovation lenses that are specifically conceived to relieve intense eyestrain both indoors and outdoors.

The double benefit of the product derives from the pioneering combination of distinctive styles with smart lenses characterised by a blue-light-filtering treatment with photochromic technology, which allows to reduce the impact of high-energy light from laptops and digital devices, while also protecting the eyes by darkening the colour when exposed to sunlight.

“Over the last year, the increasing amount of time spent in front of digital screens led us to develop a novelty for the industry, as these intelligent lenses have a double filtering effect that is unique in the fashion and luxury segment, especially if adopted, as in this project, by high-end brands”, commented Roberto Vedovotto, President & CEO of Kering Eyewear. “The launch of the Blue & Beyond project marks a further step forward in our continuous commitment to offering the perfect mix of style and functionality. We are sure our customers will appreciate the opportunity to wear their favourite eyewear brands with the added value of advanced comfort.”

This improved solution is now transferred to an exclusive assortment of ready-to-wear styles for some of the most coveted brands within Kering Eyewear’s portfolio.

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