September 19th 2019

Kering Eyewear opens the new logistic center in Vescovana

Kering Eyewear strengthens its industrial assets with the official opening of the new Logistics Center in Vescovana, in the Veneto Region, a few kilometers from Villa Zaguri, the Company Headquarter and historic villa at the gates of Padua.
The new Logistics Hub reinforces Kering Eyewear's business strategy marking a substantial investment, both in terms of technological innovation and workforce development.
With a design inspired by avant-garde, automation and sustainability, the site received Leed Silver Certification in recognition of its minimized environmental impact.
The Logistics Center covers a total area of 15,000 square meters; the expanded storage space allows for a current capacity of 5 million pieces and a distribution efficiency of more than 4,000 shipments per day.
This centralized organization also leads to the activation of new job opportunities with the integration, to date, of over 170 employees engaged in Logistics and Quality Control operations, which further demonstrates the Company's drive to continue investing in the territory and in local resources.

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